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AHHHH SPRING! Don’t you just love Spring of the year? My little cabin is on the side of a steep hill. The hill is wild … to steep to mow or weed eat … and I love it. Right now it is covered in wild flowers poppin’ up everywhere. I don’t know the names, but they are purple, red, white, blue, yellow. It looks like God crumpled up a rainbow and spread it out on my hill. Such a beautiful display.

And my domestic flowers and Hostas are poking their heads thru … even though we have gotten a couple of frosty mornings.

Don’t know how anybody can see such splendor and not believe in God.

Spring is a time for renewal, revitalizing, reshaping. That is exactly what Simply Southern Gospel is doing. Our March 3 concert was such a success … we gathered 1003 different canned food, non-perishable items for Feed The Bluff Community Center … and several attendees said it was so much more than a concert, it was a worship service.

We have 3 more planned for the year … June 2, September 1, & November 3. Be watching for complete details soon.


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